Dropped Tube Front Axle Complete Kit. Made from 2" DOM Tubing with a 1/4" wall.  All axles are approx. 48" center to center.  Available for '37-'48 Ford Spindles and '49-'54 Chevy Spindles. Chevy Axle Kits come with 5-4 3/4 Bolt Circle Rotors.  Ford Axle Kits come with 5-4 1/2 Bolt Circle Rotors.


Two 1-3/4" spring shackles w/ nylon bushings

Two spring pivots

26" leaf spring

Two axle brackets

Tube axle

Two 27" radius rods

Four clevises with jam nuts and bolts

Two 5/8" Heims with jam nuts

2 Brake Rotors

2 Calipers

Caliper Brackets

Caliper Hardware

Inner and Outer Wheel Bearings


Brake Pads


Spindle Nuts

Dust Covers

Bolts & Nuts

3 Steering Arms

Tie Rod and Ends


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Dropped Tube Front Axle Complete Kit

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